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What does it means to be a journalist in the communist Moldova, to be investigated in the middle of the night, to have your professional equipment takes away by force, together will all your Romanian staff in the house, from your official papers to the Romanian flag?

What does it means to have Romanian citizenship in a country using to daily point the finger to the Bucharest administration, irrationally blaming it for all kind of imaginary underground activities? Furthermore what does it means, beyond all of these, to have your name related to an anti-communist movement in a former Soviet country?

Oleg Brega is unveiling us today all of these and even more. He is as well a Romanian citizen, a journalist of Moldova Journal TV station in Chisinau. Oleg took part in last April protests into the Moldavian capital, in the aftermath of the presidential elections followed by the maintaining of the current communist regime in power.

He also told us how life could be when your Internet access is denied and you are afraid to go out on the streets, knowing your life is threatened. Oleg also talks about his brother, Ghenadie Brega – one of the leaders of the well-known anticommunist Moldavian associations Hyde Park, at this time under criminal investigation in Chisinau.

Read the full interview on the blog of freelance journalist Nadia Dincovici


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