Am primit confirmare de la ombudsmanul portughez

Confirmăm primirea comunicării de la V. ª ª Ex. În curând vă permit să știu dacă a dat naștere la un proces sau nu la Ombudsman și, în caz afirmativ, va indicat de referință respectiv, care ar trebui să fie menționat în contactele viitoare.

Acesta este un mesaj de raportare primirea plângerii prin formularul de pe site a Ombudsmanului. Răspunsurile la acest mesaj nu sunt monitorizate și răspuns. Dacă doriți să contactați Ombudsmanului, vă rugăm să mergeți la

Evident, textul a fost scris în portugheză și l-am tradus cu google translate.
Faceți și voi așa, dacă vreți să înțelegeți ce le-am scris pe 31 decembrie și nu înțelegeți engleza:

On 29th of December I tried to protest in front of Russian Embassy in Portugal, against human rights violation. Immediately there came a policeman who told me to stop the action and asked for my passport. I am born in Republic of Moldova, but also have Romanian citizenship, so I gave him my red passport. He started to call his colleagues, and in a few minutes there came at least three police cars with a huge number of men dressed in military clothes, some of them without a name on the uniform, and continued to harass me, asking to leave that place, but without explaining the legal reason of that prohibition. I invoked the Constitution of Portugal, art. 25, also European Convention for Human Rights, art 10 & 11, but they continued to talk with me in Portuguese, a language which I don`t understand. My sister, Olga Brega, who was present in the same place, was banned to film, again, without any explanations. She understands Portuguese and she told me afterward that one of those policemen threatened to arrest and even to beat me. You can see almost all the event filmed by us and published on a blog
I consider that my rights were infringed and there is a risk for me and my sister to continue to be prosecuted, so I kindly ask you to intervene.
If there is a provision in the law how to declare a public assembly, it should be visible on the web site of the Camara Municipal de Lisboa, I tried to find it some day before the manifestation, but in English version there is missing such info.
If there is a legal prohibition to stay, to film, to protest in front of embassies, also, policemen should know that law and invoke it, if not, those representatives of the state should be punished. From 9 policemen only one could speak a pore English, and he didn`t use it, or did it very impolite, I think it`s also a problem for public servants in an European capital full of tourists.
They registered many personal information from my passport and my sister`s ID card, if that will be used by them against us, how can we appeal that, if I leave Portugal in a few days, and my sister is jobless here? Can you help us to defend our rights, please?


4 răspunsuri

  1. Bravo Oleg,nice job up there ^^

  2. Replica: Vezi aici, Romania.

  3. Curaj Oleg! Ma bucur ca ai ramas consecvent in apararea dreptul tau OM LIBER! Succes si s-auzim de cele bune!

  4. Corectura: …consecvent in apararea dreptului tau de OM LIBER! Succes si s-auzim de cele bune!

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